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Monday, September 09, 2002
My colleague in Norah Vincent criticism, Jeanne D'Arc, has an insightful reflection on the nature of heroism up that's well worth a read.

Save Farscape!
I just learned, via This Modern World, that one of my favorite TV shows, Farscape, had been cancelled.

An innovative, intelligent and iconoclastic production, Farscape has provided me and mine with hours of viewing pleasure. If you'd like to do something to try to keep the show in production, go here for more info.

Selective quotation
Glenn Reynolds of InstaPundit fame had posted a comment on this post of mine where I directed readers to David Yaseen's critical analysis of Glenn's thoughts on Jimmy Carter's anti-war position. Unfortunately, Haloscan lost the post. The gist was, though, that Glenn had predicated his remarks on president Carter's "abject record of humiliating failure in dealing with middle-eastern rogue states."

By leaving out the italicized portion of the quote, I arguably engaged in selective quotation, distorting Glenn's position. Although I honestly took Glenn's remarks to be broadly directed to Carter's Middle East record in general, I can see how the InstaPundit could have been focused exclusively on Iran. I apologize for any distortion.

Sexism in the blogosphere
Meryl Yourish's reflections on sexism in blogging got me to thinking about my own blogroll, on which she's the only woman blogger. Consciously sexist on my part? No. But I did go and check out some sites written by women bloggers. And I'll probably add a few in the next couple of days.

Nevertheless, I'm of two minds on the issue. One of the great things about the blogosphere, from my point of view, is that the opinions expressed in blogs stand or fall on their own merits. Are the arguments well-structured? Is the writing good? Does the blogger have a unique voice? Are the topics timely and interesting?

Hell, I don't even know the sex of some of the bloggers on my sidebar. They're anonymous or pseudonymous. And I don't want to add links just to get my female to male ratio up. What's more, where do I stop? How many of the bloggers on my blogroll are minority bloggers? How many are Americans? Do I have any disabled bloggers? Or veteran bloggers? Do I have too many leftish bloggers? Too many rightish bloggers?

The blogs on my blogroll are what I say they are: Blogs I read. Regularly. They got there because they were the first ones I read, or because they linked to me, or because I stumbled across them and liked what I read. Ultimately, I guess, I'm not happy that my sex ratio is a skewed as it is, and I think it's in part a consequence of the fact that blogrolls tend to be skewed toward men and, consequently, the phenomenon is self-perpetuating.

So, I'm going to take Meryl's advice and check out more women bloggers. Those I particularly like enough to read regularly will go on the blogroll.